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DevOps Online Training

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DevOps stands for Development & Operations. DevOps is basically an enterprise software development phrase, that’s used to subject an agile relationship between development and IT Operations. And so as the work of DevOps stands for. In the IT world, DevOps stands as one of the best IT-Operations software for a long time that it advocates a better way of communication and collaboration between the two business units. This has various attributes of using, and any high-end company, as well as growing startups, can use DevOps in real time.

DevOps Tools That Are In Demand in the Market

  • Nagios (&Icinga) Infrastructure monitoring is a field that has so many solutions… from Zabbix to Nagios to dozens of other open-source tools.
  • Monit.
  • ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana – via Logz.io.
  • Consul.io.
  • Jenkins.
  • Docker.
  • Ansible.
  • Git (GitHub)

The DevOps has a lot of areas to learn and utilize the skills. If you are passionate enough and you re an aspiring student of IT and operations, then it’s the best course you should pursue to enhance your technical abilities. As an example, you might be an IT engineer and then you did MBA in operations. You would suit as the best candidate in such companies if you successfully pursue thisDevOps course from Meritstep.

Top Benefits of DevOps Training

  • Getting better job opportunities.
  • Increased salary in the company.
  • Becoming an exclusive employee in the company.
  • Well demanded in the corporate world.
  • Ability to execute the modern application and bringing up the efficiency.

We encourage all the IT professionals, and also the pursuing students who are willing to grow their career in the area of operations + IT. It will help them significantly to get a path and stand out from the rest of competitors. Meritstep has designed this course 40 days. So, it’s not a huge duration for you to take up the commitment of completing the course. Any help from our side, in terms of the course and related queries, please contact us.



Here you can download the course and schedule for DevOps Online Training Download PDF

        What is DevOps?
        History of DevOps
        Advantages of DevOps.
        DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle
        DevOps main objectives
        DevOps on the Cloud
        Prerequisites for DevOps
        Frameworks for Devops

        Basics of UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
        Linux System administration introduction

        Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant , Nagiosand so on.)
        Continuous Testing and Integration
        Continuous Release and Deployment
        Continuous Application Monitoring

        History and evolution of cloud
        Cloud computing concepts
        Grid Computing vs. Cloud Computing
        Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud
        Cloud service models (NIST)
        IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
        Cloud service model implementations
        Cloud Deployment Models (NIST)

        Virtual Machines
        Virtual bootable OS Images
        Cloud Storage
        SOA and Cloud
        Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
        Risk in Cloud and DevOps security concerns
        Introduction to AWS and AZURE

        CRITERIA :

        Things to Look For and Avoid
        IT Assets Ownership
        Viewing Applications As Products, not Projects
        DevOps in the Enterprise
        IT Governance
        Governance and Risk Mitigation
        DevOps Adoption Steps
        Select DevOps Techniques and Practices
        Service Quality Metrics

        TOOLS :

        The Choice of Cloud Platform
        IaaS for DevOps
        PaaS for DevOps
        Containerization Tools
        System Configuration Automation and Management
        Continuous Integration (CI) Systems
        Build and Dependency Management Systems
        Select DevOps Tools
        Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solutions from IBM
        Rational Team Concert (RTC)
        Rational Quality Manager (RQM)
        Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG)

        Overview of Chef

        Common Chef Terminology (Server, Workstation, Client, Repository etc.)
        Servers and Nodes
        Chef Configuration Concepts

        Workstation Setup

        How to configure knife
        Execute some commands to test connection between knife and workstation

        Organization Setup

        Create organization
        Add yourself and node to organization

        Test Node Setup

        Create a server and add to organization
        Check node details using knife


        How to create Databags
        Add Databags to organization
        Node Objects and Search
        How to Add Run list to Node
        Check node Details


        How to create Environments
        Add servers to environments


        Create roles
        Add Roles to organization

        Advanced Chef

        What is foodcritic and TestKichen
        Improve and expand on the existing recipes
        One-click system launching

        Introduction to Puppetp

        Installation and Configuration of Master server and agents
        Managing Manifests

        Creating and Managing modules

        Version control with Puppe


        What is Vagrant
        Uses of Vagrant in an environment

        Installation and Configuration

        How to install Vagrant in Windows and Linux
        Configure Vagrant

        Provisioning with Vagrant

        How to use Vagrant to create small virtual
        Add required Images to Vagrant

        Using Vagrant

        Using Vagrant in Chef for Testing



        What is a version control system?
        What is a distributed version control system?
        Different levels of Git configuration
        The process of staging and committing
        The details of the commit objects



        Nexus prerequisites
        Installing and Running Nexus
        Using the Nexus User Interface


        Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview
        Configure Jenkins as stand-alone application
        Configure Jenkins on an Application Server
        Jenkins management
        Support for the Git version control systems
        Different types of Jenkins Jobs
        Setting up a Jenkins job
        Scheduling build Jobs
        Maven Build Scripts
        Securing Jenkins

        Creating users

        Jenkins Plugin 

        Installing Jenkins Plugins
        SCM plugin
        Build and test

        Distributed builds with Jenkins
        Best Practices for Jenkins


        How to monitor the Servers in Nagios
        Trigger Alerts in Nagios
        How to apply blackouts and remove blackouts


        How to monitor the Servers in Zenoss
        Trigger Alerts in Zenoss
        How to apply blackouts and remove blackouts
        How to check events; CPU,Memory and RAM Graphs for servers

        Web Forms
        User Controls
        Shared UI Code
        Business Logic

        Configuration Management Activity
        Configuration Control
        Incident Management
        Change Management
        Problem Management

        Creating Servers and Networks in Cloud
        Setting up rules and Application
        Difficult Scenarios in environments.


        Environment testing
        Monitoring logs

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FAQ Meritstep

What is Meritstep?

We the Meritstep are an online learning platform. The cyber training of Meritstep comes in various fields which includes - Devop, Business Analytics, Database administration, VMware, Selenium, Amazon Web Services, Bigdata, Python, Identity Management, IT service, Management, NoSQL DB Courses, IT Networking, Server Administration Courses and etc. We provide the hot stills learning in the market with reasonable price, that you can learn from anytime, anywhere.

Why choose Meritstep?

We are a group of people, who are experts in the IT field, and holds in-depth knowledge in the corporate domain. At Meritstep the online courses that you get, are specifically designed by us for an easeful, fast and comfortable learning agenda. Having said that we have high professional trainers who are well trained to make sure that the learners are building the quality competency throughout the training. And getting a productive result of their investment.

When we can access our training?

Anytime from anywhere, you can do our courses. Meritstep provides complete online courses, as we have developed the way of teaching through online remotely.

Who are the trainers in Meritstep?

We have people like the high time corporate professionals with years of experience and educated in the specific field onboard. Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Any person who is teaching you in Meritstep, he has been a competent service provider on that skill.

What happens if I miss a class?

Our courses are 24*7 accessible. There is really least chance of missing any class. Although if you miss, we record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class. You can find your spare time and complete the session.

How would I be able to perform in the practice?

Meritstep courses are such way designed that students become experts over real-time works while they join us. In this case, it’s easy too, as our trainers will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

Is there any refund on cancellation of enrolment?

If you are already enrolled in classes and fees payment is done, and then the cancellation decision comes to your mind, then it can be easily be done within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of the prior request and you will get the payment back.

Will I be working on any projects?

Yes. The Meritstep training is Real-time Project Oriented, which makes our students highly skilled.

Are there any Discounts that I can avail in Meritstep?

Yes. We provide some group Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

Who are the customers of Meritstep?

As we are one of the leading providers of Live Instructor LED training. And our online course modules are popular worldwide. We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Qatar, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other parts of the world. Students, corporate people and anyone who want to upskill themselves, are our customers. We have many students and professional employed people registered with us.

Why Should I learn this course?

Meritstep only brings you such courses which are considered as the hotcake skills in the market. By learning this course, you will be competent enough in your corporate, you can upgrade your post by our certification and hike your salary or hourly charges.

How I am ensured to get the best out of the course?

In every step of your learning Meritstep team and the trainers assist you with your subjective questions and takes your feedback. Anytime you face any difficulty, we have an instant solution to that.

When is the best time to enrol?

Right now. You can enrol anytime you want. But being a skill development company, we suggest our aspirants to enrol fast and grab that skill knowledge and also avail some benefits if available.

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