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SAP tools are always inherent and provide the best possible way to evaluate the essentials an organization or industry. The MM of SAP MM is Material Management. As SAP helps in Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing, when it comes to the SAP MM tool, it helps the organisation with the whole ERP system. Starting from the top to bottom, SAP MM can accordingly evaluate, track and fetch out the important outcomes on which the organization will need to work and develop, or in which place is having an issue to address.

SAP MM helps with various vital modules in the SAP ERP software, which supports the procurement and inventory functions that held daily in the business unit. Material Management of SAP is a potential model, which consists of viewpoints like -

  • Purchasing
  • Goods getting
  • Material storage
  • Consumption-based planning
  • Inventory Management

One of the crucial procedure in SAP MM module is Purchasing/Procurement. Handling SAP MM with absolute expertise means, bringing the best productivity in terms of the above attributes in the company and grow the revenue. In the corporate, it can help the business with-

  • Finance
  • Controlling.
  • Sales & Distribution.
  • Quality Management.
  • Plant Maintenance.
  • Production Planning.
  • Warehousing Management.

The SAP MM has strong integration with each module of SAP R/3 system. Here the above functions are acronyms as FI, CO, SD, QM, PM, PP, WM. Having control of all these activities, brings better material management, buying and administration efficiency in the organisation.

Why SAP MM Course is Important?

Any corporate person, willing up skill their skills, simply consider SAP MM as a salary and efficiency booster in their professional life. In this course, the student will learn –

  • How to run and analysis through SAP MM.
  • Understanding the business processes in SAP MM & How to deal with them in real time.
  • Getting hands-on about the technical concepts.

Who Can Subscribe SAP MM Course?

Anybody and everybody. Basically, you have to be interested in SAP MM and know its importance. As therefore you will be able to utilize the learnings.

It is specifically recommended for the –

  • SAP Professionals.
  • SAP consultants.
  • CRM Professionals.
  • People who are into operational management and deals with issues like the P2P cycle, cross-functional customization or interactions.
  • IT professionals for up skill or upgrade themselves.
  • Warehouse Managers.
  • Procurement Managers.
  • ERP Professionals.

What do I need to get started?

A Stable network connection availed with the Internet. Windows or Mac laptop/computer. 



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SAP Materials Management



Course Overview

Introduction to SAP

Introduction to SAP Materials Management (MM)


Day-1 to Day-2

Unit 1: The Procurement Process: Basics

Procurement Process

Organizational Levels- Materials Management

Purchase Order Entry - Basics

Goods Receipts Entry - Basics

Invoice Entry – Basics



Unit 2: Master Data

Vendor master record

Material Master Record

Entry Aids


Day-4 to Day-7

Unit 3: Procurement of Stock Material


Request for Quotation Management / Quotation Processing

Create Purchase Order with Reference

Purchasing info records

Material Valuation Basics

Stock Types, Valuation, GR in Warehouse

Invoice Verification and Delivery Costs


Day-8 to Day-11

Unit 4: Procurement of Consumable Material

Consumable Material - Overview

Purchase requisition

Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgement

Valuated and Non-Valuated Goods Receipts

Blanket Purchase Order



Unit 5: Procurement of External Services

Service Master Record and Conditions

Purchase Order for Services

Service Entry and Invoice Verification



Unit 6: Reporting and Analysis Functions

Standard Reports at Document Level


Unit 7: Basics of Consumption-Based Planning and MRP

Overview of Material Requirements Planning

Overview of MRP Procedures

Material Master Record- MRP

Reorder Point Planning


Day-15 to Day-16

Unit 8: Sources of Supply

Purchasing Information Record


Scheduling Agreement


Day-17 to Day-18

Unit 9: Source Determination

Source List

Quota Arrangement

Further Aspects of Source Determination



Unit 10: Optimized Purchasing

Processing Non-Assigned Purchase Requisitions

Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions



Unit 11: Document Release Procedure

Release Procedure


Day-21 to Day-22

Unit 12: Basic Invoice Verification Procedure

Introduction to Invoice Verification

Basic Invoice Verification Procedure

Document Parking

Taxes, Cash Discounts, and Foreign Currency

Invoices for POs with Account Assignment



Unit 13: Variances and Invoice Blocks

Variances and Blocking Reasons

Invoice Reduction

Variances Without Reference to an Item

Releasing Blocked Invoices



Unit 14: Subsequent Debits/Credits, Delivery Costs, and Credit Memos

Subsequent Debit/Credit

Delivery Costs

Invoices Without Reference to Purchase Orders

Credit Memos and Reversals


Unit 15: Automated Processes in Invoice Verification

Invoice Verification in the Background

Automatic Settlements



Unit 16: GR/IR Account Maintenance and Customizing

GR/IR Account Maintenance

Customizing for Invoice Verification


Day-27 to Day-28

Unit 17: Introduction to Inventory Management

Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

Transaction for Goods Movements – MIGO



Unit 18: Goods Receipts

Goods Receipt Without Reference

Goods Receipt with Reference

Return Delivery, Returns, and Cancellation

Delivery Completed Indicator and Tolerances

Date Checks in GR for Purchase Order



Unit 19: Stock Transfers/Transfer Postings

Transfer Postings

Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations

Stock Transfer Between Plants



Unit 20: Reservations

Manual Reservations

Evaluations for Reservations

Availability and Missing Part Check



Unit 21: Goods Issues

Unplanned Goods Issues

Goods Issue with Reference

Negative Stock



Unit 22: Special Procurement Form: Consignment

Vendor Consignment



Unit 23: Physical Inventory

Preparing and Carrying Out Physical Inventory

Simplification of Physical Inventory


Unit 24: Analyses

Stock Lists and Document Lists

Periodic Processing


Day-36 to Day-37

Unit 25: Customizing for Inventory Management

Settings for Documents in Inventory Management

Movement Types

Other Customizing Settings


Day-38 to Day-39

Unit 26: Purchasing Customizing Settings

Document Types in Purchasing

Field Selection and Account Assignment Categories

Special Aspects of Customizing


Day-40 to Day-41

Unit 27: Message Determination

Message Determination in Purchasing

Message Determination in Inventory Management


Day-42 to Day-43

Unit 28: Other Customizing

Vendor Master Data

Material Master Data

Valuation and Account Assignment


Day- 44

Bonus Topics

Material Types UNBW and NLAG

Invoicing Plan

Purchase Order Monitoring


Split Valuation



Analysis and Review for the Course


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