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Introduction SAP MM Online Training:

SAP tools are always inherent and provide the best possible way to evaluate the essentials an organization or industry. The MM of SAP MM is Material Management. As SAP helps in Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing, when it comes to the SAP MM tool, it helps the organisation with the whole ERP system. Starting from the top to bottom, SAP MM can accordingly evaluate, track and fetch out the important outcomes on which the organization will need to work and develop, or in which place is having an issue to address.

SAP MM helps with various vital modules in the SAP ERP software, which supports the procurement and inventory functions that held daily in the business unit. Material Management of SAP is a potential model, which consists of viewpoints like -

  • Purchasing
  • Goods getting
  • Material storage
  • Consumption-based planning
  • Inventory Management

One of the crucial procedure in SAP MM module is Purchasing/Procurement. Handling SAP MM with absolute expertise means, bringing the best productivity in terms of the above attributes in the company and grow the revenue. In the corporate, it can help the business with-

  • Finance
  • Controlling.
  • Sales & Distribution.
  • Quality Management.
  • Plant Maintenance.
  • Production Planning.
  • Warehousing Management.

The SAP MM has strong integration with each module of SAP R/3 system. Here the above functions are acronyms as FI, CO, SD, QM, PM, PP, WM. Having control of all these activities, brings better material management, buying and administration efficiency in the organisation.


Here you can download the course and schedule for SAP MM Download PDF
        • Introduction to ERP
        • Introduction to SAP
        • SAP R/3 Architecture
        • ASAP Methodology
        • Procurement Process
        • Global Settings
        • Company code for Material Management
        • Plant Parameters
        • Purchase organization
        • Plant
        • Assign Plant to Purchase Organization
        • Storage Location
        • Purchase Group
        • Material Group
        • Material Master
        • Vendor Master
        • Purchasing Info Record
        • Source List
        • Quota Arrangement
        • Request for Quotation Management
        • Quotation Processing
        • Purchase requisition Creation
        • Purchase Order Creation
        • Contracts
        • Scheduling Aggrements
        • Blanket Purchase Order
        • Automatic PO Creation
        • Processing Non-Assigned Purchase Requisitions
        • Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions
        • Goods Receipts
        • Reservations and Goods Issue
        • Stock Transfers
        • Transfer Posting
        • Special Inventory Management Features
        • Stock Transport Order
        • Master Data
        • Purchasing Documents
        • Inventory Management
        • Enterprise Structure
        • Consignment
        • Subcontracting
        • Pipeline Process
        • Service Procurement
        • Physical Inventory Management
        • Cycle Counting
        • Inventory Sampling
        • MM-FI Integration
        • MM-SD Integration
        • Basic Invoice Verification
        • Credit Memos
        • Subsequent Debits and Credits
        • Variances and Blocking
        • GR/IR Account Maintenance
        • Resolving Tickets
        • LSMW
        • Implementation Overview
        • Support and Maintenance Process
        • Functional Specifications
        • Tables
        • Interview Questions
        • Resume Preparation

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